I'll also try the things you've suggested before I trade to see if it will

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> ---
> Was the printer both plugged in and powered on?
> The most likely problem is that you have more than one USB host
> controller.  If you simply do a "USBUHCI" or "USBUHCIL" to install the
> driver for the USB host controller, it will only install the driver for the
> first host controller (Index 0).  That may not be the host controller that
> the printer is plugged into.
> Start by doing a "USBHOSTS" to see how many UHCI controllers the computer
> has, and then try installing USBUHCIL with the different Indexes (USBUHCIL
> /Index:#), where # are the different indexes (0 through however many
> controllers you have).  That's the "shotgun" approach that will probably
> get you going.  If it doesn't, there are many more extensive
> troubleshooting steps we can perform, but they are complicated to work
> through.
> ---
>   Hey, thanks for your help. I actually found out from HP that my printer
> is not compatible with DOS at all. I tried loading the USBUHCIL and then
> running USBPRINT. The program beeped, indicating the printer is bad. So,
> that settles it. I'm trading printers for an older one that should work
> with DOS (an HP Deskjet 932c), or something.
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