some of you may remember: I tried 1.0 a long time ago, and failed.
Now I successfuly installed 1.1 and it runs fine. Thanks ;)
Hardware is P3 on i440 BX

nb. If you answer only on a single topic, you might change the subject.
I did not want to write 10 separate emails.

Two apps do not run using the first boot option JEMMEX:

- Borland Pascal 7
runtime exception 000E, which made me first think about the
fast-CPU-problem, but this installation was patched already.
during web research I found something mentioning XMS memory size.
The PC has got 384 MB of RAM.

- Xtree Pro
Pressing Ctrl-Break prints a Jemmex exception.
Using EMM386 it stops on startup, but continues.

- I use a debian grub installation, which switches to graphix mode
during bootup.
Which means, I do not see freedos coming up, no freedos boot menu.
After haevy reserach I solved the problem by switching grub to text mode...
but maybe you could add a mode switch to the beginning of boot up?
btw, I hate those graphic boot screens, they are good for trouble and
mothing else. ;)

everything else seems to run just fine:
VgaCopy/386, Norton Commander, our self written pascal and
fortran software...

What I am missing is a set of gnu utils, one knows from Linux.
Is there a package available somewhere?



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