> Didn't bother trying Bret's drivers because I have EHCI /
> OHCI. Georg's DOSUSB is the only one that works for me to
> some degree.

EHCI = USB 2.0, OHCI = similar to UHCI, both USB 1.x...
(you have no XHCI = USB 3.0 I guess) In what ways do the
DOSUSB drivers work, in which ways do they not? Bret's
drivers are only for UHCI (www.bretjohnson.us says that
OHCI, EHCI, WHCI, XHCI may be added later?) so I guess
this is why you did not try those.

> someone then I'm going to give up.  If no, then I'll try
> MS-DOS 7.0/7.1 with my MB and see if that helps at all.

I doubt that it makes a difference on which DOS you are
running the same drivers. By the way, are there any USB
storage drivers available in your BIOS itself?


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