Hi Bret,

in short:
everyhing works now, and there weren't any real problems, one couldn't
solve by following a short how-to. Your drivers are great! :)

I removed the PCI USB2.0 adapter. Now there is only one hosts left.
Having a lot of hosts wasn't a problem, removing just made things more

And I discovered the USBHUB program, which made me find mouse and
keyboard behind the hubs (keyboard internal hub). Now both basically
work, even with the switch in between, to switch them between two PCs.

The problem with the double letters was solved by unloading KEYB.
DOS7-KEYB doesn't work yet, I believe it wants to have it's own
KEYBOARD.SYS file. USBKEYB typing methods didn't change anything.

Still Freedos Edit crashs upon startup when the usb drivers are loaded.
I believe I have to check my JEMM config before I try anything else.

I asked to the list if I may put the USBDOS how-to on the Freedos wiki.
It will contain a lot of screen prints, so for further details on my
setup you may have look on it, as soon as it's on-line.

There is still one topic:

The PC once came up with a setup where the devices had been attached to
one of the offboard Via hosts. Can this be true or has it been a
misinterpretation/mistake by me?

If the setup changes with every boot up, without changing where the
devices are physically plugged... Then my autoexec.bat config might not
work all the time.
Do the drivers return any batch readable output?
My idea was to return the number of devices found using ERRORLEVEL.
Then you may try different hosts automatically in a batch file.



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