Hello FreeDOS users,
I have installed MS Client on FreeDOS and now I have easy access to my Windows 
shared directory.
However, having MS Client running, a lot of Conventional Memory is used.
I have managed to get back a few KB by removing CDROM and mouse drivers and 
switching everything what is I could to LH.
Now I have have 480 KB of free memory 
See printscreens:

This is good but not good enough for my old Clipper program which requires at 
lease 500 KB of free memory. (with 500KB it still complains but eventually 
This old Clipper/dBase program is used in my small firm with 8 PCs.
Currently I use WinXP but it would be fantastic to switch it to FreeDOS.
The only 2 conditions are:
- SMB/Cifs access (network sharemust be mapped as a drive)
- at least 500 KB free memory

Therefore Im asking here, can anyone please take a look at my autoexec.bat and 
fdconfig.sys and help me to improve it ?

If that helps, here is also a link to my VBox image file:

Best regards,

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