> I've been having a problem with the edit command. Nothing big or
> anything, but every time I open the editor, the word wrap is
> turned off. I tried using the "save options" button, but it just
> won't work. It resets itself every time the editor is opened.

If you can't get EDIT to save that as an option, you can try using one of the 
DOS "automatic typing" programs that are available.  I don't think there are 
any that actually come with FreeDOS, but there have been several of them made 
over the years.

What these programs will do is automatically "type" keystrokes for you after 
the program (EDIT) starts, selecting the appropriate menu options (in your 
case, that would be "Alt-o, w") so you don't have to worry about it each time.  
You will need to start EDIT with a batch file of some sort if you wanted this 
to happen "automatically".

One such program is made by me, and is called SCANCODE.  You can download it 
from my web site:


There are also several other programs around that do essentially the same thing 
as SCANCODE, but are much simpler than SCANCODE and won't work in as many 
different situations as SCANCODE does.

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