Hi Ulrich,

> All in all, I think it is a good to have proof that clients with
> FreeDOS and MS Client 3.0 can authenticate, read and write to a
> GNU/Linux Samba server. In my opinion such a scenario is a
> better idea than to run a server with MS Client [..]

Yes, that looks like the best suggestion so far. Given the
nature of the job, we have to play safe here.

Hopefully in the future it will become possible to do everything
in FreeDOS; I'd certainly love it.

I have a computer with Xubuntu at home, and could try to
experiment with that.

> Nevertheless I am a bit proud to have even password
> authentication work fine

It's good to know that it's possible, but we won't need
passwords, at least for now -- I've checked it twice with

> Another thing that is worth to explore further are the charset
> options of Samba.

Now, that's something we really need. Language is a matter of
habit, and it is *very* uncomfortable to read or type it without
the accented characters.

> Debian internally runs with UTF-8, DOS with codepage 850 (or
> 437) so special characters will be shown differently in DOS and
> Linux. IMHO this shouldn't be a problem if the files are written
> by DOS clients only.

That's OK.

But there's another question here. I'm assuming that as the
database developer I will often have to sit at the Debian

So we need one more element, DosEmu, and we must check whether
text typed in it, for instance report headers, will come out
with the right characters.

I've tried to use DosEmu in Ubuntu and Xubuntu a couple of times
(for other purposes), and stumbled on the issue of codepage. It
wasn't enough to change some little line in a config file :-(


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