I do not know if this helps you but if you want to set up a bootable CD with 
FreeDOS let me explain how I do that using is a completely different 

I use Bochs to install FreeDOS on a VMWare disk image from the FreeDOS 
distribution CD ISO image and then make a bootable CD from this disk image. 
When booting this CD ROM it will appear as the C: drive and FreeDOS scans 
all other disks and lets you access them as D:,E: etc. Of cause you can 
access all files on the C: drive which is the CD too.

First I make an empty hard disk image with BXImage which comes with Bochs. 
This can be e.g. 60 MB, 400 MB etc. Then I boot from the FreeDOS ISO image 
and install FreeDOS 1.1 on this hard disk image. I observed here that I have 
to uncheck to install the isolinux files to make this hard disk image 
bootable. The entire install process is described in detail in the FreeDOS 

Then I load VDK which lets me access this disk image from Windows XP 
explorer and transfer files to it. Bochs lets you test if all works as 
expected using the hard disk image before making a bootable CD. You can also 
test the created CD image without burning it to a real CD.

Finally I use Nero to convert the disk image to a bootable CD image using 
the El Torito standard.

All this is described in detail my Bochs tutorial chapter four.

I have to add that my applications do not seem to work with FreeDOS 1.1 and 
I have to resort to Rugxulo's bare DOS distribution to make it work. I get 
page faults when using FreeDOS 1.1 with cwsdpmi.


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