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> <small rant>
> We really need more programmers.  I've done my part to create a
> framework for writing TCP/IP and UDP applications.  There are a lot of
> neat ideas floating around, but for one person it is like trying to boil
> the ocean.
> Can write code but you are not a DOS programmer yet?  On the edge about
> how to get started?  I can help ...
> </small rant>

And just a small clarification ...  That's an open invitation to  
anybody who wants to get started coding under DOS.

I've been thinking about setting up a Wiki or a FAQ to make it easier  
for people who code on more modern platforms; warnings about fun  
things like segments and pointer arithmetic can help get people up to  
speed faster.  Even just a good how-to on setting up a development  
environment would be helpful.


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