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> At 11:16 PM 7/14/2012, Rugxulo wrote:
>>On Jul 15, 2012 12:56 AM, "Ralf A. Quint"
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>> >
>> > See above. It would be really helpful for you if you hit the books
>> > about BASIC (almost any one will do) to understand the differences
>> > between the different data types and how to use them.
>>Or he could use a language like Rexx (see Regina), where everything
>>is a string. It has its own built-in debugger too.
> That doesn't help one bit (pun intended) with neither actually
> learning the very basics of programming nor the problem of not using
> quotes around the string constants.
> That would also be the very same issue in Rexx. Or pretty much any
> other programming language for that matter...

Rexx should be a drop easier. Here's what I was thinking:


signal on novalue
trace ?a

say a+b /* 11 */
blah: say a+c /* Bad arithmetic conversion */
say bye /* BYE */

novalue: say c /* C */ ; c=10
say oops /* OOPS */
signal blah

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