Hi. Shane Coughlan was the main person behind FreeGEM. It is a very
nice GUI; I was also a fan of GEM back in the day.

Shane's FreeGEM website at http://gem.shaneland.co.uk/ seems to have
gone offline. But Shane and I arranged to mirror his FreeGEM releases
on the FreeDOS files archive, and you can find the latest FreeGEM
(version 6) at 

Previous versions of FreeGEM are available at

I'm glad you are using Free software such as FreeDOS. You'll be
interested to know that FreeGEM is also Free software, distributed
under the GNU GPL.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Francesco Cardi
<cardifrance...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone I am a supporter of Free Software and I'm also
> Trashware, lately I've had several very old notebook freedos and is
> the only alternative to use of the 80 very old pc.
> I discovered the existence of the desktop, Gem, I would really
> beautiful futuristic, I did much research on the internet and I
> arrived at these links:
> http://www.deltasoft.com/screenshots.htm
> http://www.deltasoft.com/downloads.htm
> http://www.retroarchive.org/cpm/archive/unofficial/gemworld.html
> I Scopeto that the official website of Gem is closed and that there
> FreeGem, but on freegem officer found nothing, I found this link with
> a beta version, anyone has a link
> http://www.deltasoft.com/downloads.htm
> with the various versions of freegem can download?
> I follow through very carefully on this project advertised and
> Cultural Movement GNU CODICE LIBERO

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