I blew it, my Linux From Scratch system that I've been trying to tailor
to run over NFS so I can use it for backup and restoration purposes no
longer has /usr/bin or /usr/sbin.  

Are there any free dos based backup solutions that work over network?
The obvious problem is network card and file system support.  If I want
to back up say a Syllable 0.6.7 system, I need Andrew File System

I found on a web site the idea of using a diskless Linux system NFS root
with dosemu and ghost installed.  However, ghost isn't free and I don't
think it can handle the Andrew file system for example.

It is a lot of work to build Linux from scratch.  Linux is a capable
enough system to back up anything, especially if it is booted NFS root.
This seems like overkill big time though.

The annoying thing about mondo backup is that there are no instructions
for installing the tools to a Linux From Scratch system.  Oops!

Seems like there should be a solution where freedos is PXE booted
with a backup/restore program installed.  If freedos supports network
cards as well as Linux for free in the future, that will help

The minimal Linux with dos running on top idea isn't a bad idea.  In
theory, the underlying Linux system can take care of the networking.
File system support can still be a problem, but in theory, supporting
Andrew file system in a dos environment should be easier than 
supporting the latest gigabit network card.

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