Hi Eric,

> Note that this is probably not VM specific and wouldalso happen on real 
> hardware. 

If I'm running DOS in a production environment on real hardware I (personally) 
would make sure the hardware could handle it and not overheat.  There are 
plenty of industrial solutions out there that will do this.  So I do think this 
issue applies more to VMs.

> In SSH2DOS, for example, the problem is that it always iskeeping an eye on 
> >the network to see whether there is anynew data to display, which makes your 
> >CPU go to 100%. Ifit had some concept of "now I have looked often enough 
> in>the incoming network data buffer for this second", and abuffer which can 
> block >when it gets full, it would help.Regards, Eric 


Note that SSH2DOS uses WATTCP. WATTCP already includes a "yield function" which 
can be used to provide for "multitasking" which in this case is a HLT.  Simply 
write a small function that does nothing but HLT, then set the WATTCP yield 
function to point there, then recompile...  I have had success with this method 
on the old WATTCP FTP client.  Maybe if I ever get the time this could be a 
good contribution for me to make... (since I think it's so easy and all that.. 

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