Just to make sure I understand ...

You are running a batch file that is doing "net use" to setup printer 
shares, a file share, and loads nansi.sys.  And the output to the screen 
during that time is around 8.5 chars per second?

Just as a comparison, running the FreeDOS Beta of 1.1 under VirtualBox I 
can go to c:\fdos\doc\mtcp and execute "type ftpsrv.txt".  The entire 
time to watch that 37KB file scroll by is around 7 seconds, or about 
5200 chars per second including the scrolling time.  (The time to scroll 
is longer than the time to print chars.)

Is VirtualBox slow because of what you are doing in those batch files, 
or is it slow no matter what you do?  For example, try my little test 
there and see how fast it goes.  We need to isolate what is causing your 
slowdown.  And please try this with both TSRs and device drivers loaded 
and without so that we can see if it is a TSR or device driver problem.

I have never heard of something that slow before in VirtualBox. As an 
alternative, you can try VMWare to see if it is something specific to 
VirtualBox.  (I have found problems in VirtualBox before related to 
programs that reprogram the programmable interrupt timer.  The mTCP PING 
program exposed it.  It only affected PING while it was running.)

RAM should not be the issue.  But laptop hardware tends to throttle the 
speed if it is not plugged into the wall and allowed to run at full 
speed.  I doubt this is your problem, but just in case, please clarify 
that the laptops are on wall power and are set to run at maximum CPU 
speed while on wall power.

FDAPM and APMDOS are only introduced as a way to conserve battery power 
or reduce electricity consumption when used with wall power.  Which 
reduces heat, which is always a good thing ...

mTCP requires its own network adapter and can not co-exist with 
MS-Client.  The same is true for WATTCP based applications.  If you are 
trying to use both the MS-Client and mTCP or WATTCP programs at the same 
time on the same adapter then you need to add another adapter.  Each of 
those programs assumes that they own the adapter and will fight each 
other in fun ways.


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