On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 4:21 PM, Kenny Emond <cheeseylem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Never mind what I said about wanting to fix it so win98 and
> FreeDOS could work together. Now I just want to purge win98
> from the system.
>  Of course. I meant just a general FreeDOS 1.1 install.
> The first two are directories that should not be there (I know for a
> fact). Thanks for any help,

Just to get back to you here ... I'm not sure how much help I can be.
I don't have Win98 installed and haven't used it lately and have no
references for its installation files. So I dunno.

I almost want to give you some sample AUTOEXECs, but it's mostly just
generic stuff you can glean from FD's HTMLhelp [sic] or similar
(locally or online).


You may just have to manually step through subdirs with a file manager
to see if something is important to you and worth keeping (not
zapping). Most likely most stuff is not, but I don't know what apps
you personally installed, want, need, etc.

Honestly, FreeDOS only needs KERNEL.SYS plus COMMAND.COM, everything
else is gravy. Of course I'd recommend HIMEMX (or XMGR) and UIDE (or
LBACACHE) and SHSUCDX and CTMOUSE and UNZIP and various other things,
but that's a personal decision.   ;-)

So, you can probably delete most everything (except any personal data
or config files you aren't willing to lose).

I had almost forgotten that Win98 was loosely based upon MS-DOS, which
[MS] has a bad habit of only installing to the very first partition
and root (sector 0) of the hard drive. So it's not going to get along
by default when you install it, and hence this is why it's (probably?)
recommended to install (old) Windows first. It can (somewhat) get
along with a previously installed MS-DOS [sic], *in theory*, but I
wouldn't rely on that.

command.dos -- probably MS' backup, read to be safe then delete
config.dos -- same as above
edit.cfg -- useless, delete it (and/or email me about my fixed build)
lcache00.tmp -- sounds useless, certainly not useful for FreeDOS
msnmgsr1.log -- ditto, useless for FreeDOS   :-)
netlog.txt -- probably? useless for FreeDOS, but I'm not network savvy

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