Hi John,

if you have Clipper-compiled sources, you can indeed
try to compile them again with the free Harbour clone,
as you already mentioned. There is also a wikipedia
article for those who are new to the topic. As far as
I remember, FreeDOS 1.0 came with a version of this,
but it was quite big and needed OpenWatcom installed.

On the other hand, porting command line Linux apps
with DJGPP works reasonably well, as does running
(sometimes no porting needed) of Matlab code in the
free Octave system, so maybe Harbour just works? :-)



By the way, nice that you have OS/2 Warp around :-)

> I'm looking for remarks about porting and running a Clipper compiled
> dBase(.dbf files) application on FreeDOS.  I've used some index add-on
> libraries which may be an issue in FreeDOS.
> I have little source code for the libraries.  They and Clipper were
> created using Microsoft C 5.1 of long ago...

> I have some options.  I'll just give FreeDOS a try with QEMU on LINUX

If you use Linux anyway, you can use Dosemu which emulated only
parts of the hardware - this is faster than a full virtual PC
and gives you extra DOS goodies like mapping Linux directories
to DOS drive letters without needing drivers for it in DOS.

> VMPlayer/VirtualBox on Windows.  I could also do time consuming
> and extensive redevelopment using harbour-project.souceforge or
> xharbour.org Clipper clones.

Did you already make an estimate how much code would really
have to be changed? Maybe not that much, after all. But as
I never worked with Clipper, this is only a guess for me.

If your Clipper app worked in PC DOS, it should also work in
FreeDOS... Maybe somebody can look at this Brazilian thread?


The news.gmane.org/gmane.os.freedos.devel archives say that
from FreeDOS kernel 2026 to 2027, file locking improved (in
particular: network drive file region locking) but printing
in Clipper broke. That was back in 2003, so I hope that the
bug has been fixed later on. Good to know that Clipper apps
in general just work in FreeDOS (print bug or not)... :-)
Note that SHARE also got updated (and forked...) since then.

Regards, Eric

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