On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 6:17 PM, sparky4 <spar...@4ch.mooo.com> wrote:
> the fdupdate system very out of date

Yes. Most people aren't majorly interested. It's a lot of work to pack
things up specially. I don't think we have enough volunteers.

> and none of the new update for the FreeDOS programs are even in FreeDOS
> package form....
> What is going on?

Too few developers, and when things do change, they change fast. So
it's almost? not worth it. You'd basically be doing everything
manually anyways like piecemeal upgrading.

> please explain to me, so know what is going on~

Also, keep in mind that most don't have a working packet driver. So
downloads from network aren't always possible for FreeDOS, sadly.

> Also I am slowly making a FreeDOS sound library and drivers
> Dose one exist?

Besides Allegro and Judas Player? Probably not, most DOS software is
old or just assumes SB, Adlib, GUS or similarly old stuff. Almost
nothing supports AC97 or Intel HDA (but see B.S.Peters' Judas Player
third-party contribution / hack).

If you just meant sound formats, there are various libs to support
Amiga modules (etc.) and .OGG Vorbis, etc. But a lot of those make
certain assumptions too.

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