Freedos doesn't support any printers, but software programs which run  
on freedos do.
For example, if running WordPerfect 6.0, dos version, you will need a  
Wordperfect driver for
that printer, or one which is close enough.  HP Laserjets are a good  
bet, the pre USB ones in
particular like the 6P.  Any USB based printers are not likely to work  
in a DOS environment.
DOS environments provide no abstraction for the hardware and no  
protection either.  This is
hard for programmers which is why Windows NT took over, but older  
computers that were slow
couldn't run Windows NT.  Question I have is, are there any emulators  
that will make any
printer Linux can work with function in a freedos environment on a  
virtual machine?

What class of computer are you running Freedos on and what program do  
you want to print from?
Anything from a Pentium 233 on up can run at least a stripped down  
Linux system and dosbox.
If you can run Linux, perhaps even the latest release of pick some  
distribution, consider
using openoffice or another native Linux software program like gnucash.

The latest version of Windows always seems to need more computing  
horsepower than the last one...
I suspect this is on purpose to boost computer sales.  Someday maybe,  
ReactOS will fix that problem.

Quoting Kenny Emond <>:

> Hey,
>   What type of printer interface/language does FreeDOS support? Does it
> support PCL ver3? For example, would I be able to use an HP Deskjet 950c (
> ) with
> FreeDOS? Thanks for the help,
>                --- Kenny

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