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> I'd be interested in what Felix is doing and where he sees visible slowness.

File saves in last known QPro DOS version (5.6 IIRC, it has no menu to 
announce version that I recall), which I keep open constantly and use more 
than all other software combined not including SeaMonkey, for modest size 
files, running in OS/2, are virtually instant. Running booted to PC DOS 2000, 
I can only recall vaguely taking upwards of 10X or maybe 20X longer since 
I've not booted PC DOS in quite some time. With file sizes in the 7 digit 
range the wait is intolerable, maybe around 2-3 minutes for a 6MB file. I 
haven't done it in DOS in a very long time, as I do my email with SeaMonkey 
in OS/2.

When I tried DOSbox and DOSemu, I simply noted that the waits seemed similar 
to those in PC DOS, without doing any measuring.

All of this is on non-antique hardware, with ATA100+ or SATA HDs and CPUs 
running upwards of 1.6GHz. None of my motherboards offer a setup option that 
includes the string "AHCI", but I have to guess AHCI must be implied for 
their preferred/default settings at least for those with SATA ports. The 
machine I'm writing this on is single core 3.2GHz on P965/ICH8, but I'm 
currently in process of moving all my newest motherboards to eBay Core2Duo CPUs.

I haven't spent much time with FreeDOS because it's installation process is 
so un-DOS-like, meaning there's no downloadable media I've found that lets me 
make a floppy and do SYS C:, quickly XCOPY what little I actually need into 
C:\DOS, and boot it, instead making me boot a CD and navigate through menus 
full of stuff I know little and care nothing about. Most of my FreeDOS use is 
due to its inclusion as the operating system for downloaded isos like those 
from ultimatebootcd.com and seagate.com. It's quite possible I never got 
around to even trying FreeDOS seriously WRT HD cache issues in part due to 
lack of access to SeaMonkey mail while using it.
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