> still the point is as you shared yourself, "might be understood " to mean
> older stand alone ms dos, it might not as well.   be understood..that is.

I agree.

> for my part, the edition of ms dos 7 i run was packaged by developers  
> much like yourselves.

I maybe would personally prefer not to be compared to them.

> Is it official ms dos stand alone? perhaps not.

I am not aware of any legitimate (legal) stand-alone MS-DOS versions 7 and  
up. I have been made aware that apparently one or some highly questionable  
"distributions" exist, but this mailing list probably isn't apt for  
evaluating these. (To clarify if needed: the previous is only my personal  

> is it bundled under windows? not at all.

This might be right. I think it's not important whether that's true,  

Significantly, these MS-DOS versions existed, even if we only consider  
them when they were bundled with MS Windows (whether versions 4, or later  
as the contents that a floppy disk receives if formatted to be "MS-DOS  
bootable" or such).


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