On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:18 PM, Karen Lewellen
<klewel...@shellworld.net> wrote:
> Does freedos have its own long file name utility?

Yes.  It's a loadable driver.

> If so, is it close enough to ms dos to be run?

It seems to work here.

> Just curious, the person I know seeking it says they are running freedos,
> but they are using the old ms dos 7.1 lfn command.
> Made little sense to me, unless there is no specific freedos utility for
> it?

There is a FreeDOS LFN utility, but your friend may be unaware of it,
may simply prefer to use the MS-DOS driver, or the FreeDOS driver may
have subtle incompatibilities with the MS-DOS driver that bites your
friend but does not bite others.

FreeDOS is entirely written by third party users with no MS-DOS code
to refer to, who had to reverse engineer what DOS did and try to
create software that did the same thing,  Even if it works as MS-DOS
is *documented* to work, that may not be correct.  Some time back,
someone was asking 4DOS author Rex Conn for a change to make it more
compatible with COMMAND.COM, and he asked "Do you want it to work the
way COMMAND.COM is *documented* to work, or the way it actually *does*

The significant thing is that your friend can run FreeDOS and *get*
LFN support using MS driver.  This means FreeDOS pretty much got
things right, as it tries to run anything real MS-DOS would.

> thanks,
> Karen

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