The talk about different versions of DOS reminds me that I've been doing 
research recently about which DOS operating systems are available.

Here is how I see it:

FreeDOS:  FAT32 and LBA support, LFN support loadable which can avoid M$ patent 
   Seems to work well but some think it's not suitable for production 
   No problem with license for any reason.

MS-DOS 6.22:  Rock solid, no LBA, FAT32 or LFN.  Licenses difficult to come by.
MS-DOS 7.1   Solid, LBA, FAT32, LFN License only available with an old copy of 

DR-DOS  7.03   Solid, no LBA, FAT32 or LFN.  Licenses readily available.
DR-DOS  8+      No licenses available.

Enhanced DR-DOS  - technically good with FAT32, LBA, LFN but no licenses are 
available except for
    a fuzzy "personal evaluation"

Datalight ROM-DOS.   Solid, supports, FAT32,LBA, LFN.   SHARE is not supported 
on FAT32 for some reason. Licenses 
    readily available.

So it seems like if one is starting from scratch (ie does not have a pile of 
old licenses) then the only ones worth considering
are FreeDOS and ROM-DOS.

I suppose there are a couple of other DOS OS available (PTS DOS and maybe one 
other) but I'm not sure those are worth

Any comments?

Sorry - not trying to start a flaming discussion here, but I've been following 
FreeDOS for several years and only started to understand the above.

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