At 04:48 PM 9/17/2012, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>Granted, I am a media professional, so facts especially n the Internet
>are important.
>the fact is ms dos 7.1 under wind 98 had fat 32, even Dr dos in 99 has it.

The fact is that there never was a "MS-DOS 7.1", it just happened 
that the underlying DOS mode of Windows 95B intensified itself with 
that version. As mentioned, MS-DOS 6.22 was the last official version 
of MS-DOS.

And DR-DOS never officially supported FAT32 either, the last version 
of "DR-DOS" was 6.0, released in 1991, followed by Novell DOS 7.0 in 
December 1993.
Any FAT32 support for it only exists in some 3party support for an 
unofficially maintained version of the later Caldera OpenDOS 7.x...

So in light of all that, there is no false information on the FreeDOS 
home page...

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