On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 3:36 PM, C. Masloch <c...@bttr-software.de> wrote:
>> On a semi-related note, I think you can boot Win 3.x inside DOSEMU,
>> DOSBox, etc.
> This is irrelevant to DOS compatibility when booting a DOS inside any of
> them.

I was referring mainly to the fact that DOSBox somehow managed to code
up the missing (undocumented) compatibility bits that FreeDOS (maybe?)
lacks ("standard mode only") re: Win16. Nobody outside of "MS-DOS 7.x"
[sic] was ever intended to run the main portion (GUI, drivers, etc) of
the main OS (MS Win95), hence the inherent technical difficulty.

> It'd only be interesting whether DOSBox's built-in DOS is able to
> load (any) MS Windows.

It can, allegedly, but I've never tried. I don't have lots of legacy
Win16 apps that I run (though many old things still exist on Simtel,
etc), and most of my interest is cmdline stuff. Being proprietary also
makes me less interested because it's less useful to most other

> I don't think the FreeDOS kernel does properly boot from (or "install in")
> file systems inside extended partitions. Even if you manage to boot it
> (possibly using GRUB), the kernel probably won't correctly determine the
> "boot drive".

I didn't mean extended partitions but instead a primary partition that
isn't first on the hard drive. You can have up to four primary
partitions, but only the first is bootable by MS-DOS.

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