At 02:25 PM 9/18/2012, Rugxulo wrote:
> >>Again, this was purely marketing, not technical, as MS wanted to
> >>exclusively bundle their DOS with Windows. With (very creaky) shims,
> >>DR-DOS was said to be able to boot Win95 (and proved such in court),
> >
> > Where and when was that? This lawsuit was never brought to trial in
> > the first place...
>I don't know all the details, barely any actually.

So why keep spreading such rumors? :-\

>I think it still did use DOS file system calls, but I could be wrong.
>DOS was not just a glorified boot loader here, it was way more
>interwoven and a hard requirement for this particular OS. You really
>couldn't (AFAICT) run Win95 without DOS, at least without rewriting
>the whole thing. But that's beyond my understanding, so you'd have to
>ask someone more technically inclined (Geoff Chappell ??).

May I suggest a closer study of works like "Windows 95 Internals" by 
Michael Podanoffsky (out of print though according to Amazon, ) or 
any other in-depth document about Win32?

Why do you think that back in the early days of Windows 95, the 
"16bit thunking" was such a big deal? That wouldn't have been at all 
necessary if Win32 and the old 16bit stuff weren't in effect two 
discrete entities...


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