>> >>Again, this was purely marketing, not technical, as MS wanted to
>> >>exclusively bundle their DOS with Windows. With (very creaky) shims,
>> >>DR-DOS was said to be able to boot Win95 (and proved such in court),
>> >
>> > Where and when was that? This lawsuit was never brought to trial in
>> > the first place...
>> I don't know all the details, barely any actually.
> So why keep spreading such rumors? :-\

Sources specified in the article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DR-DOS :

(second page)

> Why do you think that back in the early days of Windows 95, the
> "16bit thunking" was such a big deal? That wouldn't have been at all
> necessary if Win32 and the old 16bit stuff weren't in effect two
> discrete entities...

Thunking is just API translation because of different pointer conventions  
and such. Arguably the existence and usage of Windows-4-style thunking  
between 32-bit and 16-bit components illustratively shows that Windows 4  
is close to its Windows 3 roots.

In x86 Windows NT, 16-bit subsystems known as NTVDM and WOW are enabled by  
default, but they seem to be separated more clearly from the main (32-bit)  


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