So I've been able to free up a larger block of UMB (143k) by adding
"I=B000-B7FF I=BC00-BFFF I=C800-EFFF" to jemmex.  However, fps fb pro 95
still finds 0k of the 8mb free ems.


On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Rugxulo < <javascript:;>>
> Hi,
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 12:39 PM, Ralf A. Quint 
> <<javascript:;>>
>> At 10:10 AM 9/18/2012, Louis Santillan wrote:
>>>There's only 13K upper mem free according to mem/c. I believe it is
>>>in one block. And, iirc, all that most apps need is to be able to
>>>swap a 4k page at a time. My guess is that jemmex doesn't implement
>>>ems in a way that fps fbpro expects which is why it finds 0k free ems.
>> Sorry, but that is not correct, you would need a full 64KB segment
>> for the EMS page frame for anything that is EMS 3.x/LIM compatible.
>> EMS 4.0 allowed for smaller page frame size, but I don't know right
>> now if anything below 16KB was possible, as that is the size of the
>> logical EMS pages, there's also the requirement that a page frame
>> starts at a 16K boundary.
>> If jemmex the culprit should be easy to find out by testing with
>> another EMS manager to see if they would be able to set up EMS
>> memory, but with only a 13KB block available, I doubt it...
> I know this sounds like an advertisement almost, but it's relevant.
> --
> "EMS Magic is an expanded memory (EMS) emulator that installs as a
> removable TSR and runs under DOS and Windows 9x/NTx, including XP and
> Vista. It provides a complete implementation of the
> Lotus-Intel-Microsoft (LIM) 4.0 EMS specification, including a
> contiguous 64K page frame. EMS Magic can also extend the NTVDM
> extended memory manager (XMM) to support XMS 3.0 functions.
> Unlike EMM386 and NTVDM's EMM, EMS Magic will create the page frame
> wherever there is room, including lower memory if necessary. This
> allows it to provide EMS on systems where other expanded memory
> managers fail."
> "EMS Magic is available free of charge for personal, non-commercial
> use only. If this is your intended use, you may download from the
> links below."
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