Greatly appreciate your assistance.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the use of "boot disk images".  To me, this says 
"something.iso" for a CD boot image or "otherthing.ima" (VMWare says 
"otherthing.flp") for a floppy disk image.  The way I read, 
when its floppy is used to boot a system, the network adapter is detected and 
used to initialize the MSClient.  Is this correct?  The same would be true if 
there was a boot disk image of the floppy created.  The files at are just that - files, not an image, but files to be used to 
create an image.

I'm wondering if the fundamental issue is not getting a useful boot disk 
image.  Instead the issue is determining the virtual network adapterused by 
VMWare player and using its related MSClient driver.  Presumably such a driver 
would just slip right into a MSClient configuration.

I feel like I'm chasing my tail here.  Clearly there has to be a relatively 
straightforward path to gaining access to a printer on a host.  I just haven't 
found it yet.

Or am I still too confused?George

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Here are some network boot disk images:

Somehow they seem not linked on

but that page also is shorter than I
had remembered (with many "..." now?)

> The networkbook65.iso failed on my virtual machine so...


> I searched for a floppy image of the netbootdisk without success so...

See above :-)

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