Op 6-10-2012 12:00, nospam schreef:
> I try to run the ISOHYBRID utility on the fdbasecd.iso file while running

I assume under Linux? Or did you find a Windows/DOS compatible version 
(perl script + interpreter packed together in single binary) ?

> Linux. ISOHYBRID returns with the error message: "boot loader does not have
> an isolinux.bin hybrid signature".

Get a non-debug build of isolinux.bin (version 4.05 recommended, or 
alternatively 3.86 as that still supports disk image mapping).

The FreeDOS binary is most likely a debug build that I renamed.

> Already replaced the isolinux.bin file on the fdbasecd.iso with a later
> version but the message remains.

I'm using the Windows isohybrid.exe binary linked from post #5 at
[ http://chakra-project.org/bbs/viewtopic.php?id=2090 ]

> Does anyone know what has to be done to get ISOHYBRID to postprocess the
> fdbasecd.iso file? For a test I need a bootable FreeDOS version on a hybrid
> ISO image.

Did you get the isolinux menu working on the non-hybrid image you 
created? BIOS -> CD -> isolinux.bin -> isolinux.cfg -> memdisk -> 

Perhaps Jeremy's bootdisk/CD builder projects are usefull, I noticed 
Asus had used it on the motherboard CD on my new machine (instead of 
floppy emulation only).


if you're still out of luck I might be able to mail you a 1MB isohybrid 
ISO file.


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