On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Mateusz Viste
<mate...@viste-family.net> wrote:
> Hello FreeDOS community,
> I've created a new tool for the FreeDOS project - a package manager.
> The tool I've created is called 'FDNPKG' (because it's like the old
> FDPKG, but with extra Network support). To a Linux user, it might look
> similar to some kind of a highly simplified "apt-get for FreeDOS".

There are some people who seriously wanted such a thing for FreeDOS,
e.g. some random dude on OS News when FD 1.1 was announced. So I guess
he'll finally be glad, heh.

> FDNPKG allows to install packages both from network repositories and
> from local *.zip packages.
> It supports multiple network repositories - this allows anyone to create
> (and host) his own FreeDOS packages repository (we could imagine
> internet FreeDOS repositories with old shareware games, or DOS ports of
> specific opensource projects, etc...).

While this is still pretty dang cool, I can't help but halfway think
that a lot of times it's just easier to host / post / hoard self-made
patches (aka, plain text differences or build scripts) than actual
binaries + full sources + whatever. It's just lighter and easier
(sometimes!) to make people build their own.

I'm not against packages, and a lot of times it's better to have it
all self-contained, esp. with lots of dependencies, but sometimes it's
more trouble than it's worth.

> FDNPKG doesn't depend on any external tools, as it contains everything
> it needs to operate. It requires however a working WatTCP installation
> (ie. a wattcp config file).
> FDNPKG is a non-interactive CLI tool.
> FDNPKG is available for download here:
> http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/software/fdnpkg/

I haven't looked closely yet, curious what it's written in (presumably C).

> I haven't tested FDNPKG in any real-world situation, therefore any
> feedback is welcome! It works flawlessly on my DOSEMU installation,
> that's all I know for sure.

Do you have packet driver emulation enabled in DOSEMU? I never did
understand how to get that working (to say the least). Hence my only
recent experience with working packet driver is inside (buggy)

> P.S. I've also done some packaging & repackaging work, and created a few
> FDNPKG repositories for FreeDOS, containing some development tools,
> FreeDOS BASE packages, utils, etc (they are all referenced in the
> default FDNPKG configuration file, so you can browse them using "fdnpkg
> search").

I saw this, but I can already tell some of it needs updating, e.g.
FreeDoom. I don't really expect you to update anything all by
yourself, but just FYI, sometimes there are better working versions
out there.

(E.g. Doom Legacy didn't fully work last I tried, and it's old and
abandoned anyways. Well, so are all DOS Doom ports, but Eternity works
best, in my experience over the past few years. FreeDoom demands Boom
compatible, so normal vanilla Doom engine derivatives won't work. I
don't think Legacy is "quite" 100% Boom compatible. There was some
level where a switch didn't raise a bridge correctly, but it's been a
year or two since I remember testing that. IIRC, Blair was the one who
packaged it up for FD 1.0 originally.)


"Close enough" sources exist but lack a makefile and need Allegro 3.x,
IIRC. And Boom won't build with modern GCC tools (old BinUtils
incompatibility, IIRC). I would just use "classic" 2.95.3, personally,
but his default build should be mostly okay.


Latest FreeDoom is touted as 0.8-beta1, but you can get WIP builds too
if desired.

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