In the last batch of used computers donated for my volunteer
work, there is one that won't show the last 3 lines of the
screen. Otherwise it's a fine machine, so I'm trying to save it.

If we start the File Wizard file manager, the lines appear
normally, and any program launched from within File Wizard will
also show all lines normally.

(File Wizard has a sophisticated menu for video modes, so I
guess it has the ability of sending lots of commands to the
video board, or whatever.)

I thought there must be some command line command that does the
same trick as File Wizard does. I tried "MODE" with several
parameters, but none worked.

Any ideas?

The motherboard is a PCChips M748MR (Pentium 550 MHz) with a SiS
86C306 integrated video card.


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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