Hi John,
not at all really.
I have used dos exclusively for all of my computing since 1988.  I 
presently run an augmented edition of ms dos 7.1 circle 2005 or so that 
meets my pure dos needs totally.
  Because I use dos though, i was contacted by a young woman who lives in 
America and her friend.  She wants to return to total dos, 18 windows 
computers later, but seeks what she defines as the more modern editions of 
DOS without being very clear about this.
Her assumption was that enhanced Dr dos, actually based on DR dos 7.01, or 
Freedos fit the modern definition if only because they are being updated 

I have been riding side car from Canada on their efforts with DR dos 7.03, 
which created overlapping partitions when they tried installing it on the 
Pentium III laptop they are working on for the task, it has a 12 gig 
hard drive.
It seems, that this edition of Dr dos, the most current official one so it 
seems uses fat 16 only, with very minimal support for fat 32.  Hence 
part of the 
install and other problems she is meeting with.
My goal was to swiftly learn if she would at least get past the issue she 
is having with Dr dos if she opted for freedos.  I have never met with 
these issues using my edition of ms dos, because it sees fat 32 just fine.
is that more clear?

On Sun, 11 Nov 2012, john s wolter wrote:

> Karen,
> There must be a program you need to run using a DOS environment.  Am I
> right about this?  If so is it a well known package or a custom software
> package?  Some of older DOS software packages required a more traditional
> DOS filesystem like FAT-16.
> The decision as to which filesystem to use is sometimes imposed by an
> application program.  An example I've encountered was a custom Clipper
> database software package that is insisting on a less than 540 megabyte
> partition.  Why 540 Megabytes I don't know.  Just to be safe I found it
> necessary to limit the partition size to 510 Megabytes.
> As I understand it, the original Clipper compiler was built using Microsoft
> C 5.1.  Many add-on libraries used that same compiler and its libraries.
> Somewhere within that combination, partition size limits were imposed on
> the run-time program.
> Cheers
> John S Wolter
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