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> Felix Miata wrote:

>> Maybe what could meet her needs is OS/2 or eCS. Last century at least they
>> were always better at multitasking DOS apps than DOS ever could hope to be.
>> OS/2 as eComStation is currently available to run on modern hardware, though
>> the license is anything but cheap. A laptop old enough to be running a PIII
>> is likely to function with an old Warp 4 version off eBay or Craigslist.

> Win2k or OS/2 would probably be lean and good, esp. for DOS
> compatibility. Though if she hates XP, 2k is probably not a good
> choice. While XP is far from perfect, it was (comparatively) very very
> good (esp. DOS support) compared to its successors.

> http://www.ecomstation.com/news.phtml?action=fullnews&id=3698

> Seems that eCS 2.1 is out now (as of 18 months ago).

I expected 2.2 release last month, so it shouldn't be much longer until.

I started using OS/2 full time in 1997. Eventually I converted to eCS. That's 
been solidly running Quattro Pro 5.6 & Paradox 4 24/7 longer than I can 
guess, not counting reboots for maintenance or Mozilla reasons. QPro disk I/O 
in eCS is far faster than running it directly in PC DOS 2000, probably at 
least 10X as fast, maybe 20X or more.
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