On 2012-11-12 13:59 (GMT-0500) Karen Lewellen composed:

> We had no difficulty installing the five disk set of Dr dos 7.03 onto the
> primary dos partition  it created...that was never the issue.
> The issue instead was  using the rest of the hard drive in any fashion that
> Dr dos would understand.  No matter how far below 2 gig we went.  The fdisk
> must see 12 gig in order to partition 12 gig.
> Otherwise her friend must find a hard drive for that dell laptop of 6 gig or
> so for Dr dos 7.03 to be happy.

I still believe the problem is one or both of two:

1-using DR DOS 7.03 FDISK (at all, for anything)

2-trying to partition more than ~8GB of the 13GB (contiguous, starting at front)

I still suggest to try a modern partitioning tool and not use DR DOS FDISK at 
all. Additionally, I suggest creating less than ~8GB total from the front of 
the disk for partitions.

Acquiring a smaller than 8GB HD should not be necessary. Also, it may prove 
difficult to find one so small that can be expected to be reliable. 
Everything that small is rather ancient.

In deciding how to partition, if you haven't already, be sure to consider 
"cluster overhang" wastage by using FAT16 for large partitions. With a 32k 
cluster size on a 2GB partition, 32k is the minimum filesystem allocation 
size for every file of 32k or less. 
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