Thanks for the years of work on FreeDOS.

Suppose you have a machine with two drives, a hard disk and a CF card.
The installer recognizes both.  FDISK can make a part on the CF card 
"active" and the intention is to install FreeDOS there.

A photo of the display from the installer is here.
The partition information refers to the hard disk, which is not the 
intended target.  Hopefully the instruction "Press 1 to start installing 
... to drive C:" is correct.  In other words, hopefully drive C: is the 
CF card and not the hard drive which is identified as D:.

I'm  reluctant to continue with the installation at risk of clobbering 
data on the hard disk.  Shouldn't the partition information at the top 
refer to drive C: rather than D:?  Or is the installer aiming to target 
the hard disk?  

In any case, there can be only one target part and reference to both C: 
and D: in this display is a bug, isn't it?

Thanks,             ... Peter E.

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