Bruce, et al,
 I have reinstalled XP hundreds of times, and I always preformat the XP's
partition(usually c)
with fat32; this forces the XP install to give the option to install XP on
fat32, which I always choose.
  it may be that some windows apps *must* run in ntfs, but I've never used
  As for editing img files, I know it can be done, because ive done it. The
simplest way is to use a late model ubuntu or mint linux to open the img.
First change the extension from ing to iso; then right click on that and
choose 'extract here'. Edit the resultant folder as required, but you need
a machine with real floppy drive capabiliy: write the edited files to the
floppy, make the floppy bootable, then make an img from the floppy using a
utility for that purpose. There are ways to edit the img directly, and if
you no longer have a machine with true(non-usb) floppy, you *might* be able
to perform the above using a virtual floppy disk.

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