The magicdisk appears to be a hack; from some of it's online description,
probably from Asia, judging by grammatical errors. It does'nt work right:
when you click on the shortcut, it only puts a virtual cd in the task
panel, and keeps trying to access the internet. Fortunately, I always
cripple the XP's internet access by not installing the NIC driver when
doing a reinstall. So I used the restore utility to put it back to an
earlier date. Leave this one alone.
   As for the imgburn, it simply does not handle img's, which is how I
remember it.
  So, I suppose you are stuck with the old tedious schemes, though I
vaguely recall another way
to edit an img, but the option to reinsert a modified file might have
required the non-freeware option; I'll
remember it eventually.

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