On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 7:21 PM, bruce.bowman tds.net
>> But usually you should (mostly) be able to know in advance what drive
>> letters you are choosing, and save that info for later.
> Having booted from a CD with an OS that probably can't read all his
> partitions, we can't assume the user knows what the new drive letters are
> going to be ahead of time. Wanting this process to be as transparent as
> possible, while probing for a writeable partition I'll have to store
> whatever information I can collect in the environment.

I know, but it's more difficult if you purposely don't choose specific
letters ahead of time. Often times it's not hard to know in advance
what drive you're loading to.

>> > Any installation program really needs to know three things:
>> > -- Does a drive exist
>> If all your active drives have known volume labels, you can use Eric's
>> > -- How much free space is present.
>> Eric's FREETEST.
> Who is Eric and where can these utilities be obtained?

Eric Auer, FreeDOS guru extraordinaire!     :-)


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