Em 27/11/2012 16:37, thraex escreveu:
> On 27/11/12 19:47, Henrique Peron wrote:
>> Em 27/11/2012 13:16, thraex escreveu:
>> Merhaba Thraex,
> Merhaba Henrique :)
Nasılsınız? :)
> Thanks for explaining, but how do I select these codepages? Also, please
> note that the case I reported happens right after a normal installation
> of FreeDOS, therefore I was wondering whether there's something that
> needs to be fixed or adjusted so that if the user chooses these layouts,
> things will work without additional configuration (or an information
> indicating that some additional configuration is needed will be displayed).
Please check your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Make sure there are lines like these:

display con=(ega,,3)
mode con cp prepare=((853,857,858) c:\freedos\cpi\ega.cpx)
mode con cp select=xxx
keyb tr

The four lines above prepare and select 3 codepages, all available on EGA.CPX. 
You'll trade "xxx" in the third line for:

• 853, if you need to type turkish — and/or esperanto. It is important to 
mention, though, that codepage 853 seems to be considered obsolete on what 
concerns the turkish language. (Codepage 853 is the only one which handles 

• 857, if you don't need esperanto. A good thing about codepage 857 is that it 
not only seems to be the preferred codepage for turkish; you'll have the Euro 

• 858, highly recommended to type in "western european" languages. I say 
"recommended" instead of "needed" because you could perfectly use cp857 to type 
in, say, portuguese, spanish, italian, etc., however I don't advise you to do 
that. If you'd like to know why, just let me know.

Before I forget: Ruĝulo tried to help but his coordinates are meant for the 
greek language. (codepages 737, 869...) (Thanks anyway, Ruĝulo! :))

> If it's possible for you, IMHO the best mean to examine the "bug" is to
> install FreeDOS on your side with say VirtualBox and choose keyboard
> option 19, then do the same with option 59 and see if the installation
> process is OK for you. If not, the good news would be that things can be
> improved :)
I'll do that. I use VirtualBox. ;)
> Çok teşekkürler.
Birşey değil.

Should anything still not goes well as it should, please let me know.


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