On 30/11/12 01:40, Henrique Peron wrote:
> Merhaba Thraex,
> Saluton Ruĝulo,
> Thraex, you're right. I have downloaded and installed the new FreeDOS 
> ISO, v1.1 under VirtualBox.
> I have noticed the problem concerning the turkish layouts, and I could 
> see that it will affect most national layouts.

It's nice to see that your nailed down the issue which happens to be
"sexy" in some way: it seems to affect a large set of languages but at
the same time, it's identified and doesn't seem extremely hard to fix.
Hope the developers will have some time to spare for it.

> • For some reason (and I don't know why), AUTOEXEC.BAT is created so to 
> look for the turkish FGĞIOD layout on KEYBRD3.SYS, instead of looking 
> for it on KEYBRD2.SYS.

Regarding Turkish, my advice would be to use the Turkish QWERTY layout
as the default and/or the first option because it's by far the most
widely used one and other operating systems do so too. In all cases,
please make sure that you provide layout information: Turkish QWERTY and
Turkish FGĞIOD (or the shorter versions Turkish Q and Turkish F which
are perfectly understood). On FreeDOS 1.1, option 19 during the
installation simply states "Turkey" and has the issue we've talked
about. If you think it makes sense, you may want to forward that
paragraph to the developers mailing list.

> ISO Latin codepages for FreeDOS are ready to go, for a long time 
> already, by the way. Ruĝulo, if you and/or anyone out there reading this 
> message feels that keyboard layouts based on ISO Latin codepages would 
> be welcome, please let me know.

I don't know if it's the right place but I'd suggest two additional
layouts. Colemak would be the first one: same goals compared to Dvorak
(which is already supported), but closer to QWERTY so it's intended to
be easier to learn. More information on <http://colemak.com/>, public
domain stuff.

For French, there's BÉPO, the kind of keyboard that makes you regret you
learnt AZERTY. It may need to be simplified a bit to fit DOS though.
Everything is under free licenses, and there's more information on

For both projects, their members would do their best to help out.

On 29/11/12 22:23, Rugxulo wrote:

> Just FYI, but I dunno if 10.04 is still supported (is it?). Wasn't
> that Lucid?

Yes, it is Lucid Lynx and it's still supported -- until April 2013 for
the Desktop edition, so 3 years after it's been released and until April
2015 for the server edition. Ubuntu Precise has 5 years of support for
both the desktop and server editions.

Finally, if translations in French and/or Turkish would be useful, feel
free to ping me. You have two hands on a keyboard at your disposal, it's
up to you to make good use of them :p

Best regards.

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