On 30/11/12 14:45, Henrique Peron wrote:
> I would like to discuss ideas on improving that keyboard layout menu, 
> because the screen has run out of space and there are other layouts 
> which aren't presented there, like the Cherokee and the Colemak, which 
> you mentioned below.

I'd say separate functionality and appearance, the latter should follow
the former. Right now, there are three free slots if I am not mistaken.
This makes room for Colemak and Bépo, the last slot could be simply
"Next Page", which could also be enabled with Page Up (previous screen,
if any) and Page Down keys (next screen, if any; but no need to waste
screen space to document that though. -- By the way, is it possible to
enter the Cherokee syllabary with a good old keyboard?).

> The keyboard layout menu is beautiful on the first screen but, as you 
> select "More...", the next screen does not receive the same refinement. 
> Again — if there's someone out there reading fd-devel which could work 
> on that, please either show yourself here or contact me at hperon -at- 
> terra.com.br.

As for the appearance, IMHO the same colour palette than the previous
screen (especially the blue background) could make sense. The one thing
I had spontaneously done on that additional layouts screen was to try to
select the layout with the cursor keys. If devs have enough time, that
could possibly be a bonus addition.

I'll take this opportunity to mention a couple of trivial typos one
encounters on the first installation screen:

Boot from harddisk
Explanatory text which appears at the bottom of the screen: "Starts your
installed regularly used operating system from harddisk"
Note that the final period is missing.

Boot from diskette
Explanatory text: "Startup from system bootdisk if you still have a
floppydrive and diskettes"
Note that the final period is missing here, too. Also, IIRC, "Startup"
should be "Start up" and "floppydrive" should be "floppy drive" in two

(Sorry if that sounds pedantic, this not my intention at all, it's just
all I can contribute).

> Thank you for the tip on the Bépo layout; actually, I had already 
> learned about it. I just didn't work on that yet. It's a very impressive 
> layout, covering many languages written with the latin script. It seems 
> that there's even support for vietnamese. There's no support for african 
> languages on it, but I have already provided layouts for those languages 
> anyway.

Aman hocam! How many languages do you speak? As for me, if I could
finally manage to learn... Python, that would be great, but hey.

PS; Posting only on freedos-user, given my non existent development
skills I have not subscribed to freedos-devel.


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