Em 30/11/2012 03:32, Rugxulo escreveu:
> Saluton,
>     Ankaux dankon pro viaj pasintaj laboroj cxi tie, Hecxjo!
Nedankinde, mia amiko!
>> ISO Latin codepages for FreeDOS are ready to go, for a long time
>> already, by the way. Ru─Łulo, if you and/or anyone out there reading this
>> message feels that keyboard layouts based on ISO Latin codepages would
>> be welcome, please let me know. I would need a few weeks to work on
>> them.
> Yikes, weeks of extra work for little benefit is the last thing I
> want. You've done nice work, but I really don't want to ask for
> anything more than a few minutes of your time.
You know what? I'm wrong on expecting for someone to ask for it. I think 
I should promptly offer it. I'll work on creating parallel versions of 
the present keyboard layouts to work with ISO, Win e Mac codepages. 
Naturally, that will *not* imply on enlarging the present keyboard 
layout and codepage packs. There will be distinct packs for ISO, Win e 
Mac platforms.

There will not be a repertoire as large as the one available for FreeDOS 
(because I'm restricted to existing codepages on those platforms). I'll 
need more than a few weeks, but it will all be done and I'll post an 
announcement here when they're ready.


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