> My minimal attempts previously just weren't successful. Guess I need
> to try again. 

Just make the Oberon0 installer diskette, put it in the machine, 
apply power and see what happens.  If it fails and you are stuck, 
enquire on the Oberon mailing list or in the Community Forum.  
Certainly someone will help.

> ... did finally get A2Mini.iso to boot under
> VirtualBox (after disabling networking and just waiting about 20
> secs). 

I'll recommend tackling the native systems before the other-os-hosted 
systems.  Configuration of the PC native A2 is based on an simple 
XML syntax file. The PC native system and the Linux based A2 each work 
with minimal difficulty.  Running on top of an emulator brings more 
complexity.  Leave it until you have the native system working.

> Though I have no idea what to do next, and it still seems a bit
> unstable.

Unstable?  There is extensive documentation at 
and  If nothing there helps go to the mailing list 
or forum.

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