Em 30/11/2012 11:43, thraex escreveu:
> I'd say separate functionality and appearance, the latter should 
> follow the former. Right now, there are three free slots if I am not 
> mistaken. This makes room for Colemak and Bépo, the last slot could be 
> simply "Next Page", which could also be enabled with Page Up (previous 
> screen, if any) and Page Down keys (next screen, if any; but no need 
> to waste screen space to document that though. -- By the way, is it 
> possible to enter the Cherokee syllabary with a good old keyboard?). 
Yes, it is. :) I have created a codepage with the cherokee syllabary. 
That was the hardest part — drawing each character, pixel by pixel, 
three times (8×8, 8×14, 8×16) — but I have fun doing that. :)

For the time being, only the regular US keyboard is able to use it. 
Should anyone else want to type cherokee, just let me know and I'll 
prepare a particular, enhanced variation of his/her keyboard layout. 
(Should I notice that there are more people using the same keyboard, 
making the same request, I shall include that layout into the official 
FreeDOS keyboard layout pack.)

By the way, turkish keyboards, under FreeDOS, can also use codepage 
3846, which is a slight variation of cp437, i.e. it includes all those 
mixed linedraw characters, mathematical characters, etc.. I picked that 
number because that was the only one I found on the web, browsing 
printers' PDF files. If there's a more common, 3-digit number for that, 
I would like to know (thanks in advance).
>> The keyboard layout menu is beautiful on the first screen but, as you
>> select "More...", the next screen does not receive the same refinement.
>> Again — if there's someone out there reading fd-devel which could work
>> on that, please either show yourself here or contact me at hperon -at-
>> terra.com.br.
> As for the appearance, IMHO the same colour palette than the previous
> screen (especially the blue background) could make sense. The one thing
> I had spontaneously done on that additional layouts screen was to try to
> select the layout with the cursor keys. If devs have enough time, that
> could possibly be a bonus addition.
> I'll take this opportunity to mention a couple of trivial typos one
> encounters on the first installation screen:
> Boot from harddisk
> Explanatory text which appears at the bottom of the screen: "Starts your
> installed regularly used operating system from harddisk"
> Note that the final period is missing.
> Boot from diskette
> Explanatory text: "Startup from system bootdisk if you still have a
> floppydrive and diskettes"
> Note that the final period is missing here, too. Also, IIRC, "Startup"
> should be "Start up" and "floppydrive" should be "floppy drive" in two
> words.
> (Sorry if that sounds pedantic, this not my intention at all, it's just
> all I can contribute).
Yes, yes, sure! :) I just hope that there's someone out there reading 
all that... :)
>> Thank you for the tip on the Bépo layout; actually, I had already
>> learned about it. I just didn't work on that yet. It's a very impressive
>> layout, covering many languages written with the latin script. It seems
>> that there's even support for vietnamese. There's no support for african
>> languages on it, but I have already provided layouts for those languages
>> anyway.
> Aman hocam! How many languages do you speak? As for me, if I could
> finally manage to learn... Python, that would be great, but hey.
I speak portuguese and english. I've been studying languages since I was 
a kid, just for fun (I have a great time doing that) but I cannot say 
that I'm proficient on anything but portuguese. As a matter of fact, I 
don't rely on myself even to see 100% of an american movie without 
picking at the subtitles now and then... :)

I have just downloaded a course on esperanto. Interesting language.

On what concerns reading/writing, I'm far more confortable. Turkish, for 
instance, I practice whenever I'm playing backgammon on the Internet. 
(It seems that you, turkish people, learn to play it in the nursery!! 
You're great players!)


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