Hi Michael,

> This gui seems well on track to replace the aging and proprietary
> Windows 3.1, especially if it supports the win32 api.

If I understand correctly, FLTK helps you to port software
which is available in source code and to write new GUI DOS
software, but not to run existing Windows apps. You might
want to try HX RT for the latter...

> It would be nice to be able to install fltk to a standard Freedos 1.1

I was assuming that FLTK ships with apps compiled to use
it, but that FLTK is neither needed nor used by any other
software? Of course having powerful libraries is always
nice for developers. Less so for the average user, though.

But maybe I misunderstand the goals and abilities of FLTK?
Thanks to Georg and Japheth to add HX and FLTK to DOS :-)

Regards, Eric

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