Bernd Blaauw, thank you! now it works

i was create iso image
genisoimage -o 1.iso c:\path
write it
wodim dev=0,1,0 -multi 1.iso
see wodim dev=0,1,0 -msinfo
it return 0,15509

then I try
genisoim.exe -o 2.iso -C 0,15509 -M 0,1,0 c:\path2
and see error
"Unable to open previous session image: '0,1,0'
i was try "-M dev=0,1,0", -M -dev=....", -M /dev/cdrom, -M dev:0,1,0", and 
more, but nothing help

not-multisession disks writes succesfully

P.S: works -M "previous.iso"; but,  how to "make show" CD-R as iso file?

Thanks for any hint!

I love FreeDos! :)
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