Hi Richard!

> now it is only showing "FREEDOS", with the caret after it.

Probably cannot find a kernel? Different geometry / partition offset?

> I essentially used the steps found here: 
> http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/BIOS_Update#FreeDOS_Environment
> Which is:
> 1. zero out a 20mb file or use a physical flash stick.
> 2. FAT format it.

You mean make a FAT filesystem of 20 MB? An odd size for
USB sticks... I would try 200 MB instead, FAT16 with LBA
partition type... Did you use partitions at all?

> 3. run sys-freedos.pl on it

Note that you can override geometry and partition offset
with extra command line options of sys-freedos.pl if you
have to. Normally, partitions formatted within DOS / Win
already have this set properly, as do sticks which simply
had FAT32 filesystems on them when you bought them...

> 4. copy over files from a Freedos 1.44mb disk image onto it.

In particular kernel.sys config.sys command.com autoexec.bat
but also all drivers that you need... Using a whole floppy
full of DOS things is still only 1.4 MB and gives you more
tools, drivers and stuff to use :-)

I think something like ...x255x63 or ...x254x63 or ...x128x63
in a primary fat32 lba partition at offset 63 would be smooth.

Regards, Eric

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