mTCP sounds right. ; - 0

The latest versions are at Google Code: 
.  It gets updated more frequently than FreeDOS does, hence the spamming 
the mailing list.

The next version so far has mostly IRCjr fixes and improvements. I'm 
also looking into making it more compatible with the JAWS screen 
reader.  The FTP client will get a few small fixes, and the FTP server 
might get a little faster.

If you have requests or bug reports, now would be a great time to let me 
know.  I have the skeleton of a Gopher client, an idea for a setup 
program to make that easier, a diagnostics program to try to help figure 
out networking problems, and some misc other features I'm thinking 
about, but I'm not motivated enough to turn them into usable programs yet.


On 12/18/2012 10:10 PM, wrote:
> Karen,
> If by "getting old hardware on the internet" you mean "successfully 
> connecting old hardware to the internet" then you may be referring to 
> Mike Brutman and his networking package mTCP.
> If on the other handby "getting old hardware on the internet" you mean 
> someone who buys stuff from ebay or craigslist I'm unsure...
> Dave

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