On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Michael Robinson
<plu...@robinson-west.com> wrote:
> First I installed Freedos 1.1 and used the 4x4 NEC cdrom, only the
> first slot seemed to work, to copy over the Windows 98SE cabinet files.
> I then proceeded to boot from the 98se cdrom and run setup from the
> directory with the cab files.  Long story short, this screwed up the
> freedos installation.  Is there a simple way to repair the freedos
> installation so that Windows and Freedos can happily coexist?

So you've successfully run Warcraft 2 under DOS + HX? But you also
want networking (for other apps)? Is that why you want Win9x
specifically? (Or can you only run Warcraft 2 in Win9x?) HX does have
a fake WSOCK32, which IIRC uses Wattcp, but I'm not really sure how to
correctly use it (and you'd still need a packet driver).

> I only want to run old games like Warcraft II where freedos + hxrt
> might do the trick, except that I'll need networking too.  A working
> ReactOS would support these old games, but there hasn't been another
> release for months and I can't even get the latest trunk to build.

As mentioned, you could use DOSBox, WINE, or even something like QEMU
(atop whatever host OS: FreeBSD, Linux, etc). Not sure how totally
compatible any of those are for your specific games, but it's worth a

But I don't see why you'd want to run Win9x (which comes with MS-DOS)
as well as a different DOS. I mean, people have done so (see
METAKERN), but I don't see any actual "need" outside of a few quirks
here and there. But don't let me stop you. But no, you're unlikely to
salvage FreeDOS as Win9x mostly just assumes no one else is using the
hard disk. (Though you can presumably still boot a FreeDOS floppy or
similar if needed.)

P.S. Haven't tried it at all (specifically for FreeDOS or as mentioned
for Minix3 atop BOCHS TUI in FreeBSD console ... yet), but this sounds
interesting, similar to our idea earlier about using FreeDOS emulated
atop a slim terminal-only *nix system. The big advantage is that
FreeBSD seems "fairly" slim and easy to install, even without X11, and
pkg_add can give you precompiled emulators and obviously more (eth0 or
wlan) networking support than vanilla FreeDOS by default. (In other
words, replace Minix3 with FreeDOS in the instructions below,
hopefully it works.)


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