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> Well that was OK when diskettes were the only rotating media.  Usually
> a diskette wasn't partitioned.  "Part" and "volume" were synonymous.

optical media usually weren't partitioned either, and flashdrives might 
be partitioned but usually only with 1 partition. Windows is very 
specific about partitioned removable media.

External harddisks is another story ofcourse, and even there most/all 
partitions aren't visible to DOS anyway, as Microsoft discourages using 
FAT, for example by disabling the ability in their own FORMAT/DISKPART 
tools to create FAT partitions over 32GB (which starts to show for USB 
sticks and SD cards).

> Where a hard disk drive is involved, "drive" should mean "hard disk drive"
> and "part" should mean "part of a hard disk drive".  When software
> says it will "format the drive" I want to be sure it doesn't mean "format
> the whole hard disk drive".  Unambiguous terminology really does help.

I've never used 'part' and don't recognise it from any operating system 
I know. Ideally you'd have something like:

C: (primary partition/volume #1, active, label xyz, capacity X, used Y, 
disk Z, total sectors/heads/tracks = A/B/C, starting from D up to E).

> I had hoped to run FreeDOS on the OLPC XO-1.5 but it is no simple problem.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Talk:Our_software

That sounds like a video BIOS indeed. I don't know if Coreboot could run 
on that machine at all. If so, it might be able to run SeaBIOS and 
corresponding VGA BIOS as well.

I'm not in possession of a 35 euro Raspberry Pi computer, but that 
running on Linux with a DOS emulator (BOCHS/QEMU) on top could run just 
fine. Even when considering how memory-hungry most Linux distributions 
are. Guess it helps they upgraded the machines to 512MB.

I don't know of any effort of running Bochs on a very stripped Linux. 
Kernel + initrd + tiny userland + Bochs + FreeDOS should do the trick.


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